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Company Address:No. 105, Block 4, No. 1109, Wuzhong Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

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Suzhou Qingtao Trading Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Qingtao Trading Co., Ltd.

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Qinghe Ceramics (Jingdezhen) Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-owned enterprise funded by Qinghe Pottery Co., Ltd., which covers an area of 53,333 square meters and has a total investment of 15 million US dollars. It is located in the National Ceramics Industrial Park of Jingdezhen, China. The company introduces Japan's most advanced technology, advanced automation, high-performance equipment, and specializes in producing high-grade daily-use ceramics. The company fully implements Japan's advanced corporate management concepts and models, and deepens the "7S" management system. Products with unique design, excellent quality won the high praise of our customers, through continuous innovation, to meet the diverse needs of customers with newer and better products.