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Company Address:No. 105, Block 4, No. 1109, Wuzhong Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

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Versatility has been SEIWA's notable strength. We have offered a whole variety of ceramic products in Japanese,European,and Chinese styles as a flexible supplier in the market.


The automation of the production processes enabled us to produce top-quality products constantly,stably, and reasonably.Since then, SEIWA has assumed a leading role in the market as a supplier of many different brand products.


In 2002, SEIWA constructed our first overseas factory in Suzhou, China. We are regarding Asia as our most significant market, and currently both Japan and China are bases for our business。


Our research about a brand-new material started in 1957, and it duly bore fruit four years later. SEIWA succeeded in reproducing the texture of bone china without using any bone ashes. This revolutionary technology called Newborn marked a new era in the industry.


In 2011 SEIWA strategically relocated its factory from Suzhou to Jingdezhen. Since then, we have enhanced our production capacity and sales networks across Japan and China.


In March 2012, SEIWA established  Suzhou Qingtao Trading Co. Ltd. in China. This company deals in ceramics and commodities, purveying its quality products for China's domestic market as well as foreign markets.

The products are highly praised by our customers for their unique design and excellent quality.

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