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Analysis of the status of China's daily-use ceramics market

Analysis of the status of China's daily-use ceramics market

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As far as the domestic market is concerned, most of the domestic high-grade daily-use ceramics are occupied by foreign companies, and in the international market, the market occupied by Chinese ceramics enterprises is mainly the low-end market. In the international high-end market, the shadow of Chinese companies is really rare. In the end, how to develop well has become a major issue facing Chinese ceramic companies. We must know that it is impossible to form a brand by relying on low-cost products. Where are several brand companies relying on low-price strategies to dominate the market? The average price of Chinese-made ceramics for export is only one-tenth of the price of imported ceramics. No, what is the difference between such a large gap? It reflects that China's ceramic enterprises are facing major problems in these areas.
First of all, daily ceramics companies and sanitary ceramics companies have the same problem. This is inevitably causing a large amount of pollution in the production process of ceramic products, which causes the environment to suffer considerable damage. Moreover, these problems have also led to the excessive mobility of personnel engaged in the ceramics industry, so that the company does not have a group of long-term skilled workers as the basis, so why maintain a stable quality of talent? These aspects will affect the direct production of products. Therefore, the quality of the product becomes unguaranteed, and the product lacking in quality can become a real brand.
Secondly, there are basically no big-name enterprises in domestic daily-use ceramics enterprises, and the prices of sales are very low. This makes Chinese ceramic enterprises unable to form a quality image. So how can we get better market attention? Consumers buy The Chinese ceramic tile is only cheap in terms of price, not because it belongs to a certain brand. Therefore, if the first reason why consumers can buy a product is because of which brand it belongs to, then it can truly make the company bigger, stronger, and occupy a place in the international arena.
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